Teacher Development Courses



Our Teacher Development Courses are mainly run online, but some can be run 100% face to face  and many have a blended option. They can be run for organisations (see the page Consultancy Services for Language Schools) or individuals can join the courses that we hold at regular intervals. 




Language Upgrading for NNESTs


If you're a Non-Native English Speaking Teacher looking to upgrade your language proficiency, whether in general, for classroom purposes, or prior to starting a course where you will be required to produce assignments in conventional academic style, see the page Language Development for NNESTs



DELTA Modules Courses


If you are an experienced teacher, already qualified at a basic level, and now want to upgrade your TEFL qualifications, iconsider working for  the Cambridge English Teaching Delta Modules. Join us on our...


  • full courses for Modules One, Two and Three for teachers starting the modules "from scratch".


  • Revision and Exam Preparation Courses for those who have already taken a Module One course (or self prepared) but need a refresher and extra help before the exam,


  • Module Two Preparation Course for teachers  who want to prepare for and get a "head start" before starting the full Module Two course - at any centre.


  • Referral Coaching Courses for those who have been referred in Modules Two or Three and need some extra coaching before submitting the referral assignment.


See the page Delta Modules Courses




Group Courses and Webinars


Some of the topics available in our Group Courses and Webinars include:


  • Lesson Planning
  • Classroom Management Skills
  • Understanding  English Grammar
  • Teaching Structure and Function
  • Dogme and Demand High ELT
  • Error and Feedback
  • Teaching Lexis
  • Understanding and Teaching Phonology
  • Teaching Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced learners
  • Fossilisation - and How to Avoid It
  • Dealing with Mixed ability Classes
  • Teaching the Four Skills - Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing
  • Teaching Business English,  ESP and EAP
  • Teaching One-to-One
  • Teaching Online
  • Teaching Young Learners - Primary and Secondary
  • Teaching Monolingual and Multilingual Groups
  • Designing Tests and Assessment Procedures
  • Teaching Exam Classes
  • ... and many more





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