Specific Purpose Courses



All of our specific courses are tailor made to meet the exact communicative needs of the participants. Before the course, you will complete a thorough needs analysis which will allow us to determine exactly what needs to be included in the course to allow you to meet your personal objectives in the minimum time.



Because specific purpose courses are so personal, they are often taught on a one to one basis. However, if you have colleagues with similar neds, or if you are a company and organisation which needs specific purpose courses for its employees, group courses can also be organised. As always, the courses can be taught face to face or online, intensively or over a longer period.


Some of the  areas in which we have worked in the past include :


Legal English  

English for Tourism and Hospitality

English for Medical Professionals

English for University Lecturers and Researchers

English for Translation and Interpreting


... and many more. But these are just the general areas. The course you take will be much more specialised. Some examples :


  • If you follow one of our Legal English courses, the course content will focus specifically on the branch of law (criminal law, family law, contract law etc) and the reasons why you need to communicate in English - perhaps because some of your clients don't speak your own language, or because you work on international cases and need to liaise with colleagues handling the case in another country. 

  • Are you a dentist? A physiotherapist? An oncologist? A nurse? Do you need to communicate with patients in English,  or do you want to participate in international conferences or improve your ability to read/write research papers in English? Whatever your needs our English for Medical Professionals courses can help you meet them.


  • If you work in any area which deals with tourists - if you're a hotel receptionist, a tour guide or a waiter in a restaurant - you'll need to speak English. The courses in our English for Tourism and Hospitality are designed with your needs in mind.


  • These days, more and more university level courses are being taught in English, and it's common for university lecturers and researchers to move to other countries for work. Whether you need English to lecture to students, run tutorials or give written feedback on assignments, or whether you wish to improve your ability to read and write papers in your own academic subject, our English for University Lecturers and Researchers courses will help you achieve your objectives.


Whatever your reason is for using English, we can help! Contact us for more details on how we can design a course for you.





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