Language Development Courses for Non-Native English Speaking Teachers

If you're a non-native English speaking teacher, you may want to improve your own competence in one or more aspects of the language.  Join in with one of our on-line courses - or, if there's a group of you, contact us and we can arrange a course specifically to meet your needs. All the courses consist of ten hours "live" online lessons plus one hour's preparatory or follow up work - again to be done online. The courses we run regularly are :

Classroom Language for Primary School Teachers


Primary school teachers are often not specialist teachers of English, and you may feel that you are sometimes unsure of the language you need to manage the English lessons that you give your class. This course is aimed at primary teachers with a CEFR level of A2-B1. In the course we'll look at  the text books that you use and make sure you are using and pronouncing the language contained in the tasks accurately and appropriately. We'll talk about how you can use simple English to set up and manage the activities, to tell stories, and to give simple explanations of  games. You'll also have the chance to ask questions about and practise any aspects of the language which you know you don't fully understand.



Classroom Language for Secondary School Teachers


At secondary level the language that you need to use in the classroom becomes more complex. You're probably a specialist English teacher, but there may still be things that you find difficult to do successfully - from giving instructions for activities to explaining language points or giving feedback on tasks. The course will be based around the problems you have using and explaining language in the classroom and on how you deal with the activities in the coursebooks you use.



Language Improvement for Teachers


These courses are run at CEFR levels A2 to C1 and mainly aim at improving the fluency, accuracy and appropriacy of your own spoken English. You'll take part in conversations and discussions which will be monitored closely by the course trainer. You'll then have the chance to focus on what you said, to correct any mistakes, and ask for explanations and practise aspects of grammar, lexis or pronunciation that  you find difficult, before repeating the conversation with another partner and improving your performance. The practice work will be continued in the follow-up hour to the lesson. 


How is this different from the "Conversation Club" in our general courses? In format it's not - but the group composition will be of teachers only. The topics for discussion will be chosen by you and, depending on the group composition,  you'll be able to share experiences with teachers from various countries all over the world.



Improve your Written English (1)


This course is for teachers who have to teach written English at a high level (eg for IELTS or CPE) but lack confidence in their own ability to produce an effective piece of written discourse. This may be due to :

  • problems of organisation of the discourse and development of the argument
  • grammatical and lexical inaccuracy or inapprociacy
  • the need to "upgrade" your language use. While accurate and appropriate it might still not be sufficiently complex to reach eg a band 9 IELTS score.

Before the start of the course we will ask you to send us various examples of your own written work. The course contents will focus on the problems evidenced by these and how they can be resolved.



Improve your Written English (2)


This is an advanced level course which will help you improve your ability to write in English for professional purposes. This may be because :

  • you are about to take a course such as CELTA, Delta or a Masters in TEFL which involves writing assignments at a high level of proficiency.
  • you would like to contribute articles to professional journals, but don't have full confidence in the accuracy and appropriacy of your writing

You should already be at CEFR C1 or C2 level, or have an IELTS band score of at least 7 in the writing test before taking this course.  The course contents will depend on your reason for taking the course, the type of text you want to write, and the problems evinced by sample texts which we will ask you to send us before you start the course.




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