General English Courses

Come and study with us on one of our general English Courses - at our offices in Milan or on-line, as you prefer.  All the courses consist of ten hours "live" lessons with a teacher plus one hour of preparatory or follow up work for each lesson. You can choose between an individual lesson, a small group, or a larger group (maximum 12 participants).


Before you enrol with us you'll take our free online level test to make sure that you are placed at the level that is right for you. When you finish, you can move up to the next course.


Improve your English


We run General English courses  at all levels from complete beginners to advanced (CEFR levels A1-C2). Improve your understanding of English grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation,and work on all four skills - speaking, listening, reading and writing.  To progress through each CEFR level we estimate you will need to study for approximately 120 hours - though this varies from person to person.


Focus on Listening


Do you have problems understanding spoken English? Join us to find out what those problems are and how you can resolve them. As always, we'll make sure  you're placed in a course at the correct level for you, so that you see immediate progress.


Conversation Club


These courses are run at CEFR levels A2 to C2 and mainly aim at improving the fluency, accuracy and appropriacy of your own spoken English. You'll take part in conversations and discussions, which will be monitored closely by the course trainer. You'll then have the chance to focus on what you said, to correct any mistakes, and ask for explanations and practise aspects of grammar, lexis or pronunciation that  you find difficult, before repeating the conversation with another partner and improving your performance. The practice work will be continued in the follow-up hour to the lesson. 


English in Retirement


Even if you're now retired, you may still want to continue studying English.  Perhaps you want to travel abroad, maybe your childfen are married and living abroad, possibly you just want to keep your mind active - or maybe you welcome the chance of meeting other people in your age group from (depending on the group composition) different countries around the world, to share experiences and ideas. We envisage that the courses will mainly focus on speaking and listening - but they can be adapted to include anything the group wants to focus on, from reading crime novels, to swapping recipes, to playing with grandchildren in English. The course is in your hands.










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