Exam Courses : IELTS


  • Are you thinking of studying abroad?

  • Does your university department ask for external certification of your competence in academic English?





If you need to study for the IELTS exam or improve your IELTS score, we can help. Our online courses offer a choice between :


  • short and long-term courses, allowing you to take the exam whenever you are ready


  • individual courses, small groups (max. 6) or larger groups.  

  • general preparation for all four papers, or courses focusing on specific papers, depending on your needs

  • courses at various times of day, to fit in with your other commitments and match your timezones


The courses are taught by teachers specialising in Academic English, many of whom are also IELTS examiners.


Individual and small group courses are also held face to face at our offices in Milan. (Currently suspended due to COVID-19)


Your placement in a course will depend on the result of a free online needs analysis and level test, which will allow you to tell us your goals in terms of band scores for the exam, and us to advise you on your current level and what you need to do in order to reach the band scores required.


Contact us for further information about the times, prices and format of the courses.


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