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Thinking of doing the Delta? Or have you already started? Whatever stage


you've reached, we have online and (COVID permitting) face to face


courses which can help.



Module One


  • Wherever you are in the world, join us on our 100% online course for Module One. 



Module Two


  • Do Module Two with us in Milan - we've put as much of the course online as possible, so that attendance on the face to face component is limited to what is strictly necessary under Cambridge regulations, and doing the course is therefore feasible even if you live at a distance. (Full Module Two courses are currently suspended due to COVID-19)


  • But if Milan is too far away and you need to do the course at another centre, then consider our Module Two Preparation Course. Module Two is tough - and you need to hit the ground running. Our preparation course will make sure you do.




Module Three


  • Our Module Three course is online and so, again, you can join us wherever you are in the world. We offer all the specialist subject options including ELT Management. And so far, none of our Module Three candidates has ever failed...


  • If you've been self -preparing for Module Three and have already written your assignment, or if you have been referred, join us for our two month Module Three Coaching Programme. Access to our website and advice from a specialist tutor will give you that extra help you may feel you need.





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