Module Two

Our full, face-to-face Module Two courses are currently suspended due to the COVID crisis.



However while we waiting to get going again, you can still join us for our...


Module Two Preparatory Course 


You may not be able to join us for a course in Milan, but wherever you decide to take Module two. ully online, this fully online course gives you a headstart. And don't underestimate how useful that will be - especially if you're planning on taking and intensive course. See here on our course blog for  full details.


Module Two Referral Coaching


If you've already taken Module Two and have been referred, there will have been a good reason. And unless you work on the weaknesses in your previous assignments, particularly those which were still evident in the external assessment, you're not going to pass the second time around. And that means a Fail grade and that you'll need to take the whole course again.


But if you're now too far from your original centre for them to support you, we can help. See here on our course blog for full details





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