Module Three

Our full Module Three course  is 100%online, and so you can work on your asignment with us wherever you are in the world.  We're particularly proud of the fact that, since the Delta Modules sceme started in 2008, we have never had a fail candidate, and only one referred candidate - who passed on resubmission. However, the amount of individual feedback we provide means that our candidates' average result is Merit.  See here on our course blog for full details.


You can of course self prepare for Module Three, and you may have done so and already written your assignment. However, if you feel that some feedback from an experienced tutor would be useful before submitting, check out our Module Three Online Coaching course. The course will also help you if you've already submitted the assignment and were referred. We'll give you full feedback on the original and help you bring it up to pass standard.


Again, you'll find full details on our course blog, here






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