Module One

What does Module One involve?


Module One of the Delta scheme is entitled The Background to Teaching and Learning, and  it provides an in-depth look at teaching and testing the language systems (grammar, lexis, phonology, discourse) and skills (reading writing, listening speaking). It is assessed by means of a written examination consisting of two 90 minute papers, and held in the morning of the first  Wednesday in June and December.  You can find full details of the syllabus, exam requirements etc on the Cambridge website.

How long does it take?

Like all the Delta modules, Module One is estimated by Cambridge English to require 200 hours of study time. Remember, however,that this can only be an estimate as it depends on factors such as how fast you read, how wide your previous experience of EFL has been, and so on. Many of our candidates have suggested that it takes considerably longer. Our courses are fully flexible and can be adapted to your needs and other commitments. Once you have enrolled you will have access to all the course materials  for a period of two years. It is up to you to decide  how quickly you  wish to complete.

When enrolling and deciding which exam session you want to aim for, you should however be realistic about how much time you have to spend studying each week. For example, if you start in January and want to take the exam in June, you would need to devote at least 10-12 hours a week to studying. If you didn't have that much time per week, ypu'd need to start earlier. We find that most people choose to do the course over 8-12 months, though we have had successful candidates who have completed in four, and others who have taken longer.

What's in the course?

The course  is run online, and can be followed wherever you are in the world :

The on-line course: The course consists of ten units, each divided into four or five sections, which fully cover the course syllabus and give extensive exam practice. Each unit contains video and/or Powerpoint (with audio) input, guided reading activities and tasks. The tasks are designed to : a) check that you have understood the input; b) check that you can apply the input to your teaching; and c) give exam practice. In addition, you will take part in on-line seminars (fifteen in all, restricted to six people to ensure full participation, and arranged at times requested by participants), participate in interactive forums, and have as much tutor contact as you wish. In all the units there are tasks to send us for evaluation, and we are available for consultation via e-mail, forums and Skype if ever you have a problem.


Course Dates and Enrolment

a) The online course : You can enrol for Module One at any time and will have  access to the course materials from the date of enrolment to the June 2022 exam, allowing you to work at your own pace. Most of our candidates complete within an academic year, and some more quickly. However, we do advise early enrolment as it means that if you have unexpected problems, you can take a break from study and then pick up again where you left off.

b) Face to face seminars : These are only run if there are a sufficient number of participants and are currently suspended due to COVID. In future, contact us for details of dates, or follow our Facebook page to receive announcements of planned seminars

Course Costs

a) 100% On-line Full course : Paid in one instalment on enrolment - €732*
b) Complementary online and face to face seminars - see  here for details

Payment for the online course is also possible in two instalments.  Please ask for details.

* Prices include VAT and bank transfer charges. However, please note that the course fee does not include the exam entry fee, which is not paid to us but directly to the centre where you choose to sit the exam (see here for the possibilities). The fee differs slightly from centre to centre and from year to year but in 2020 at the British Council Milan was €220. 


Want to know if you need to do a course with us?

If you've been self-preparing or think you could do the exam without a full course, try our diagnostic tests:

NB: These diagnostic tests are very thorough and therefore quite long. Allow up to 90 minutes for each.
Your results will help you decide whether you need to do the full course with us or could opt for 


And there's more...

If you have already taken the exam and failed, if you are  self preparing for the course, or if you took a course a while back at another centre, you may feel the need for some intensive work just before the exam.  We offer  six or twelve weeks' pre-exam access to our course website immediately before each exam session and the chance to access all the input for the course, take part in exam preparation  seminars, submit exam practice tasks for evaluation, contact a tutor for answers to any queries you may have, and much more. See our course blog for details of 
our shorter Module One Revision and Exam Preparation  course



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