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Sue Swift, the founder of Business Talk, has been working on and running Cambridge Diploma course for teachers - under all their various names over the years - since 1976. She personally supervises all the courses we run for the three modules which now make up the Delta Modules scheme and, whichever course you choose to do with us, will be your main tutor.



So what is Delta?


There is so much to say about the Delta -  how it's organised, how it's assessed, the courses that we run for it - that we have a dedicated website and blog The Delta Course  which explains everything in detail, as well as showing you extracts from out courses and updating you on any news from Cambridge. However, here's a summary of the scheme and the courses we run for it.


Delta is tough. It's not intended as an initial training course but as training at advanced level for teachers who already have a basicTEFL qualification and at least a year's experience of teaching - we would suggest more if possible. It's divided into three modules, each with a different format and assessment procedure, and which can theoretically be done in any sequence. If you intend to take all three however (which is not necessary as each module carries its own certification) we strongly suggest doing them in order, as each builds on the knowledge and skills you acquired in the previous module(s).  For detailed  information see About the Course Modules.
Delta  is an internationally recognised qualification, particularly in the private sector, and is often required for higher level jobs such as Senior Teacher or Director of Studies positions, teacher training or university posts. It is at Master's level intellectually and, should you want to go on to a full  Master's degree in TEFL or Applied Linguistics, many universities will allow you  credits for modules of the Delta which you have completed.
We run online courses for all three modules of the Delta, so wherever you are in the world, check out the descriptions of the courses to see if we can help you. Apart from our full courses - which prepare you from start to finish for each module - we also run shorter courses, which aim at helping you if you have done a course at another centre but have not been successful. You'll find them all described in detail here : Our Courses


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