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What will you find on this page? In one sense not a lot, as each organisation we work for has differing needs. However, the following are examples  of the sort of services we can provide. Contact us for further details of anything mentioned here - or with details of your own needs if you think we can help you with another issue.





General Teacher Development


All of our Teacher Development Courses can be run in-company, and this may be ideal if you have a large number of teachers who wish to broaden their knowledge and skills in a particular area. However, if you have a smaller staff we will offer a discount to any organisation who sends at least five teachers to our open group courses - whether they all attend the same course or different ones the discount is still applicable as long as the bookings are made at the same time.


Contact us for further details.



Individual Teacher Coaching


Do you have just one or a small number of teachers who are having problems with their classes? They may be newly qualified and just need a little extra help, or they may have switched to teaching a different type of course than the ones that they are used to - perhaps online rather than face to face, or teenagers rather than adults. They, and the school, could benefit from our individual coaching scheme.


We'll start by doing a detailed needs analysis, which will include talking to the teacher and observing one of their lessons. They will receive detailed feedback on this and, together with the institution, we will work out a specific individual programme to improve the weaknesses identified. This may include observing similar classes taught by a Business Talk trainer, a programme of guided reading and seminar attendance, and/or further observation and feedback - it will depend on the nature of the problems identified.


Contact us for futher details.



Course Design 


Do you find that the coursebooks published on the general market don't meet your needs? Maybe they are too long for the duration of your courses, meaning that your teachers have to rush through the materials leaving the students confused? Maybe the content isn't exactly what you want - for example too much reading when you want each lesson to centre around speaking? We can help by designing a course that matches your needs.


The course will be written or supervised by Sue Swift, the founder of Business Talk, who has published courses of all types  - from Business English to General Purpose coursebooks and courses for Primary and Secondary school students. She has also developed all the materials used by Business Talk on their general and specific purpose courses.


Contact us for further details.







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