Business English Courses


All of our Business English programmes can be run for individuals or groups and can be held online, at our offices or in-company. The course you do will be tailor made to meet your needs - the communicative needs associated with the work you do (or want to do in future), your interlocutors (customers? colleagues from other international branches of the company?) and your current level.




Choose from :


  • General English for Business - ideal for lower level participants, for business students who need a general overview of business communication, and for groups with members from a variety of departments within the company.

  • English for your Business Role - these are courses aimed at participants with the same role within one or more companies : English for Sales, English for Customer Service, English for HRD, English for Purchasing, English for R&D etc.

  • Business Communication Skills -  ideal if you want to improve your ability in one specific skill. Choose from courses such as Write for Business, Presentation Skills in English, Leading Meetings in English, Negotiating in English, Participating in Meetings in English, etc.


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