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Established in 2004, Business Talk is run by Sue Swift, who has been an EFL teacher, teacher trainer and coursebook writer for over forty years. She has taught in areas as different as the UK, Scandinavia, Japan and the Middle East as well as in Italy where she is now based.  In that time Sue has taught and developed programmes for a wide range of different courses, but has always specialised in the two areas of Business English and Teacher Training and Development. 



Our Clients


Although our offices are in Milan, Italy,  our clients come from all over the world, benefitting from the online versions of all the courses we run.



Our Staff


The trainer responsible for your course will be highly qualified, holding either the University of Cambridge Delta qualification and/or a Master's Degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language or Applied Linguistics. They will also have a minimum of five years experience of TEFL, much of which will have included experience of the specific areas they are working in - courses leading to specific exams, Business English or whatever.  



Our Courses


All of our courses are tailor made for the clients we are teaching. Before your course you will complete a needs analysis which allows us to identify not only your current level, strengths and weaknesses but also your specific needs for English.  The course we design for you or your group will focus on these - with all group members sharing a similar profile.  See the top menu for detailed information on the type of courses we run. All the courses can be held on our premises in Milan, in-company or on-line, and can be run on a one to one or group basis.









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